Episode #14: A Slide “Guitar Rag” to Make Your Season Bright: Joe Bussard’s holiday greeting

You’ll pass the Barbara Fritchee on the right hand side.  You can’t miss it, because of the candy cane.  These directions, given over the phone with a gleeful chuckle, began to make perfect sense as we turned a corner off the interstate in Frederick, Maryland and were greeted with a lovely little hometown diner dressed up for the holidays with a 20 foot candy cane out front.

After winding and dipping around corners and down hills, we arrived at Joe Bussard’s home, greeted by a wood-burning stove, his napping, contented cats, and the man himself. Time’s a-wastin’! There’s so much to hear!

At the end of a few hours of listening to more rare, beautiful records than we can properly recount, Joe acquiesced to our request of him to record a holiday greeting on his slide guitar.  In front of the mic, he turned on like a light on a dark winter night.  A Presto recordist himself, Joe knew the drill.  Or the screwdriver, as it were.

May your holidays be the happiest on record!  Thank you for watching, listening and supporting us during this wonderful year!  Our warmest wishes to you for another beautiful year to come.