Our California Road Trip begins today! A new year of 78s awaits…

Our journey to make The 78 Project Feature-length documentary film continues today...

As the sun sets over Manhattan tonight, we’ll be 30,000 ft above the city, flying West towards the next leg of our journey: California.  We’ll give the Presto something to help it sleep and nestle it snug and warm in its fantastic Red Dirt Case for the long flight in cargo. 

When we land in San Francisco, we’ll free the Presto from its foam and start heading down the long roads that cross the great state.  From the forests to the oceans, the cities to the deserts, we’re going to try to film, record and see as much of California music and scenery as we can in two weeks.  And we hope you’ll join us!

Every day we’ll post photos on Instagram, tweets and Facebook posts so that you can see and hear what we experience along with us.  And if you’re one of the generous backers of our film, we’ll write and mail you a real, tried and true vintage postcard from the trip. 

The left side of our custom google map is just waiting to be filled with pins for new recordings and encounters and visits.  We can’t wait! 

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